The renowned pianist teaches you how to improve your technique, achieve your most beautiful sound and realize your musical vision. Recorded over 20 years and available for the first time online, Elizabeth Sombart Masterclasses is a unique resource for intermediate to advanced pianists and music-lovers.

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  • 16 February
  • 26 April
  • 30 August
  • 6 December

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3 videos – In this masterclass, you will discover my approach to Bach’s music. You will learn phrasing, articulation and touch, and how to balance structure and freedom in this late Baroque masterpiece.

3 videos – 100 min – In this masterclass, you will learn everything you need to know about Beethoven and the classical style. I explain in detail the skills you will need to interpret Beethoven’s music, including articulation, phrasing, and touch 

25 videos – In this masterclass you will get insights on performing Beethoven’s music.

4 videos – Enter the polyphonic universe of Brahms

The art of rubato in Chopin

2 videos – 38 min – Discover the art of rubato in Chopin

2 videos – 45 min – In this masterclass Sombart reveals how to find the right tempo in Chopin

5 videos – The big architecture in Chopin

This masterclass explores Chopin’s first nocturne, focusing on his rubato and the use of inspiration in his compositions. We examine the unique breathing rhythm set by starting on an upbeat and how Chopin’s expressiveness and bel canto influences, particularly from his relationship with Bellini, imbue his piano work with vocal qualities and hidden polyphony.

Significant attention is paid to left-hand phrasing and the nuanced treatment of specific notes, demonstrating how Chopin’s techniques enrich the music’s texture. The session aims to enhance understanding and appreciation of Chopin through focused listening and analysis.

9 videos – How to prepare to play with an orchestra. Learn how to play scales in Mozart

3 videos – 155 min – After this session you’ll learn to make Mozart live

19 videos – In this series of clips, your will learn how to phrase Mozart and articulate the rhythm

12 videos – In this masterclass you’ll learn to structure the sonata form

2 videos – 102 min – Enter the world of Schubert and learn how to realize the architecture of the piece

5 videos – In this masterclass you’ll will learn to articulate the emotions in the Carnaval

In this masterclass you’ll learn how to approach the universe of Schumann


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