Piano Masterclasses

with Elizabeth Sombart

The renowned pianist teaches you how to improve your technique, achieve your most beautiful sound and realize your musical vision.

Recorded over 20 years and available for the first time online, Elizabeth Sombart Masterclasses is a unique resource for intermediate to advanced pianists and music-lovers.

Preview of the teaching

Examples of masterclasses

Beethoven - Sonata No. 21 Op. 53

In this master class you will get insights on performing Beethoven's music

Schumann - Carnaval

There are different kinds of phrasing and a way to calibrate the forte

Beethoven - 32 variations, No. 16

Learn to balance the bass note with the rest of the musical material

Schumann - Papillons

Pay attention that often the short notes should be longer and the long notes should be shorter

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Elizabeth Sombart's teaching is largely based on the theory of Phenomenology of Music.

Synopsis of the theory of Phenomenology of music at the piano:

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Piano Masterclasses with Elizabeth Sombart

Elizabeth Sombart

Pianist Elizabeth Sombart is world-renowned for her distinctive touch, intense focus, and highly sensitive playing style. She has developed a unique teaching method called Pédagogie Résonnance, based on the principles of musical phenomenology, which seeks to create unity between musical intention, technique and technique and how to breath the musical phrase.