Beethoven – 32 variations in C minor

21 videosIn this masterclass, you will learn everything you need to know about Beethoven and the classical style. I explain in detail the skills you will need to interpret Beethoven’s music, including articulation, phrasing, and touch 

Beethoven – 32 variations in C minor


01. Beethoven 32 variations in C minor; introduction to the teaching.


02. Thema. How to build the theme and give it character.

03. Var. I. How does the first variation come out of the theme.

04. Var. II. How to articulate a phrasing.

05. Var. III. The essence of Beethoven’s music.

06. Var. IV. Quality of staccato articulation.

07. Var. V. The touch in Beethoven’s piano music.

08. Var. VI. The staccato of Beethoven.

09. Var. VII. What is the purpose of repetition.

10. Var. VIII. How to articulate a phrasing.

11. Var. IX. Different moods of Beethoven’s music.

12. Var. X. How to organize the various phrasings.

13. Var. XI. The left hand.

14. Var. XII. Choral music and tempo.

15. Var. XIII. What is the classical touch?

16. Var. XIV. How not to sound romantic with Beethoven.

17. Var. XV. Complementary phrasings.

18. Var. XVI. How to phrase the left hand accompaniment.

19. Var. XVII. How to phrase the dolce.

20. Var. XVIII. Scales and chords.

21. Var. XIX. Plan all the dynamics.

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